News and Current Events


2011 saw the end of Department of Health PRP Programme Grant funding to the CCRG, and the initiation of funding for the NRCT from DH/NCIN. See Report on 5 year Programme 2006-2010.

In June the CCRG relocated to an adjacent building on the Old Road Campus (preserving address and contact details). As part of the reorganisation 65 filing cabinets were recycled as a gift to Barnardo’s.

2011 saw CCRG presentations/posters at the NCIN/UKACR conference in London, SHIPS in Aberdeen, and SIOP in Auckland.


Mike Murphy ended his second and final term of membership of the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment. However John Bithell became a full member, and in 2011 Kathryn Bunch joined the COMARE subcommittee which will prepare the report on cancer excesses observed in the vicinity of Sellafield and Dounreay. (For more details see the Current Research page).

Mary Kroll was awarded her DPhil for "Time Trends in Childhood Cancer: Britain 1966-2005".